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Harley-Davidson Ultra Won't Start In Gear - Diagnosis & Repair | Fat Head Cycles

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Harley-Davidson Ultra Won't Start In Gear - Diagnosis & Repair | Fat Head Cycles

Mensagempor admin » 21/jun/2020, 20:03

In this video we show you how we diagnosed and repaired a "bike won't start in gear" issue on a 2014 Harley-Davidson Ultra. This fix would also apply to all other Harley-Davidson Touring models.

Neste vídeo, mostramos como diagnosticamos e reparamos uma questão de "moto não arranca em marcha" em uma Harley-Davidson Ultra 2014. Essa correção também se aplica a todos os outros modelos da Harley-Davidson Touring.

hey what's up guys and welcome back in a Fathead cycles YouTube channel got a 14 Ultra Classic on the lift it was brought in one by one of our new customers bike will not start while it's in gear even if the clutch is pulled in He also mentioned that his cruise control is not working so we definitely have an electrical problem going on it is kind of a common problem on the 14 and up touring motorcycles so we're going to get over to the left and we're going to show you guys how we diagnose this problem before okay so we're over at the bike in the first step in diagnosing any problem is to duplicate the problem right now the bike is in neutral let's verify that this white does actually start bike starts and runs fine okay so let's put the bike in gear press the start button nothing the customers has been confirmed and we can now diagnose the problem next step is to get inside of the computer so the first thing that we need to do here is remove the saddle bag in the side cover which we've already done to gain access to this plug right here this is the data link connector you may also call it the OBD2 port of a motorcycle this is where we're going to plug our scan tool in so that we can see what's going on inside of the computer forgot to scan tool hooked up so let's get inside to computer and see what's going on scanner Harley-Davidson will try to order yd this bike yeah yeah yeah let's play the fitted systems first thing we could do is a code scan because believe it or not this bike is smart enough to throw a code for problems with the hand controls so we're going through all the systems right now doing a complete scan of the entire motorcycle alright so we have one code left front turn signal module and that's it so nothing really that pertains to us score of the body control module and see if we can get live data body control module data hand control left model data hey there we go all right so you will see that Carly has been nice enough to give us data pigs for everything that this left hand switch controller switch clutch lever odometer Horn high beam flash to pass turn signal voice recognition what I'm going to do now is go through some of these functions all I'm trying to do is establish that this control module is talking to so if I hit the odometer trigger switch press it release it reading horn switch we don't want to do that too damn loud LastPass right there it's working volume switch is on or off turn signal trusted yep released it the clutch lever what happens here nothing can see it right now in the clutch in the clutch lever release is not changing that would be why our bike is not starting be cooking gear because the bike needs to know that the clutch is pulled in for it to start also the reason that the cruise control will not work because can be canceled by pulling the clutch in so the bike is automatically just going to not allow the cruise control to work if it doesn't have that signal I could get out the oscilloscope and I can show you guys the live candida going down the wires but that's I have enough to call that this switch module is bad get the boys back down to a working level and I'll show you guys the repair and then we're going to verify the repair by trying to start the bike o all right so just as simple as the left hand switch pack first thing we're going to do udometer tripswitch flat-head screwdriver gently pry it off play Satisfied next thing we got is to T25 Cruise on the back of the clamshell take that off and then we need to loosen up the t27 screws that are holding the clutch clamp in place because that wrap around the clock what we're trying to do is expose this entire switch pack hold the grip off get that separated tightness back up just so it doesn't fall all over the place once so this switch right here is what is bad I don't know if it's bad internally or bad in this ribbon cord that hooks it back to the control board but that's what's bad take a pic or flat head screwdriver and release the block right there new release the entire switch pack open connector that you very gingerly release the lock on every move that wiring harness unfortunately when Harley went to the can bus system they did away with individual switches now everything is on one continuous printed circuit board if one switch goes bad you have to replace this entire thing this entire module is available from your Harley-Davidson dealership retails at approximately $220 $220 for a bad clutch switch when I like to do is this I upgrade both sides to the lighted hand control switches number 7 1 5 0 0 2 4 8 b-boy 2014 and later touring models except for the road king and it stopped on the CVO touring models this is an upgrade it cost $250 this is a stock replacement that is not lighting it's 220 guys to make the call so let's get this box open and get our hands control sorted out you put a box inside of a box as you can see you get couple extra buttons another extra button a second module boy instructions hey so we have our new lighted hand control when I open up the lock we're going to plug your wiring harness in we're going to Route the wires show me inside of the switch pack itself there is a little Channel to hold your wires out of the way and then we're going to close this up alright so let's put our switch housing back together putter grip on

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