Nova Harley-Davidson Fat Boy e família Softail 2018

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Nova Harley-Davidson Fat Boy e família Softail 2018

Mensagempor admin » 11/jan/2018, 02:10

Harley-Davidson mostra linha Softail 2018 com novo chassi e o V2 Milwaukee-Eight, revê design de modelos e incorpora as Dyna na família Softail
the first Harley-Davidson Revolution was born when four guys put a motor in a frame and took off to see how far they can go then the customer Evolution happen more people started chasing their freedom hot on the throttle rolling into World 8 totally reinvented song which one with a customer V-Twin power lighter stiffer fries all news and a ride you at feel to believe now more kind of riders can ride in their own way welcome to the next custom Revolution all three Spirits are invited tickets

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