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What's Wrong With This CRF450 Motor?

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What's Wrong With This CRF450 Motor?

Mensagempor admin » 31/jan/2019, 12:54

What's Wrong With This CRF450 Motor?
O que tem de errado com o motor desta CRF450?

Hey what's up guys right now I'm working on a Honda CRF450R and when I bought this bike that top-end was already taken off the motor told there something wrong with the motor so I'm going to dig into this thing and figure out what's up with it I can tell so far is pretty scraped up And the cylinder wall has been damaged as well the motors all apart now and likely the only things that were damaged or the cylinder and piston I'm going to check over the head though comment on this bike to have worn intake valves pull the valves out and inspect them these intake valves are definitely warn you can see the edge of the valve is kept out when you hear that a bike needs a valve adjustment this is the part that's wearing out add to the Bob where's it tightens up the valve clearance and requires you to resend the reason for an intake valve wearing out like this is lack of air filter cleaning if you have dirt passing through the intake the contact surface on the valve will be cup like this recall that good for this video I appreciate you all watching and I will catch you guys later

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