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How To | KX250F Top End Re-Build

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How To | KX250F Top End Re-Build

Mensagempor admin » 19/dez/2020, 21:22

some guys try to get Sloane here today I'm going to show you walk you through how to rebuild a talk to end ex250f first step is you and I want to clear space cylinder and we're going to start holding it and before you want to know that you're going to want to inspect the cylinder to see if there's any major gouges or scratches and if you can feel them with your finger then they're too deep and not Beyond and I can tell by the camera but it made a crosshatch and that's going to be seeing a new cylinder and DVR with a bucket above warm little bit of soap in there around and clean out the cylinder and make sure there's no up the residue or extra shavings cylinder and you know Wipeout around a little bit and clean out the cylinder next step is to take some Lucas Oil assembly Lube put on a mixture to clean towel and you're going to want to run around the inside of the cylinder and that'll pick up any leftover shaving after we turn on the cylinder we're going to start installing the piston rings and that is one piston ring and then you have the oil ring in the spacers I like to start off with the and most of the Rings have a letter on it and you're going to that is pointing up take some assembly Lube by a light coat on the Rings installation so we can avoid the dry start when we go to start off the engine for the first time And1 fine rings start by finding one side Oil ring isn't too bad it's pretty stretchy but when it's on this we're going to want to make sure that it's not overlapping or anything that will damage the cylinder next we're going to start with the bottom spacer and that's going to go in that's the only get one by one side first echoes in the bottom and then we're going to just gently push around and make sure it's in the Notch and is seated and is not getting caught on the oil rig and for all the spacing this piston it is I believe 22 part that'll help for oil flow it'll vary depending on the in the bike and the Piston server the piston for that and then install the top sir and install out the same way as the other one put it in the notch put one in the notch Lily work it around and make sure it's in a notch and Seed it in selling the circlip can be a little challenging basically put one end in sorry my fingers are in the way but one and then and then other end down and there's an option you're going to want to make sure that it is seated in the notch and I hear we are going to install or opossum assembly Lube do The Wristband Rock quite ready to solo some Levon that make sure avoid that try suck and I thought some more some of them to the Piston where the wrist pain will be sliding in Oregon to install a piston and what are you doing this you're going to want to make sure that there's no play in the connecting rod there is you're going to need to split the cases and replace the rod but in this case this rots good and when installing the piston on this model and I believe on most of them there is a arrow that faces toward the exhaust side. Make sure you have that pointed towards make sure that you check with the instructions of a piston as I already did and install the circlip and you're going to want to have paper towels around the connecting rod as I have and you're sorry for my head I want to make sure circlip is seated in money stop and tell you that it's in step is making sure that the Rings are all lined up and you're going to want to are paper towels or tally how did they make sure you don't have anything drop down in there and now make sure we install AR gasket as you can already have the surface cleaned off and prepped and ready to go so I'll let you get a better seal and do dolphins how to make sure that the gaskets is not move around and the cylinder seeks proper there sits and properly Arcane were there put some liquor in so that the person goes in a little easier and my skin like a hundred times before that dry start that can happen basically it's pretty self-explanatory are you going to want to put the piston and make sure you get the cam chain slot there too and putting in the Piston you're going to want to compress the rings with your fingers as much as you can while sliding down cylinder being careful not to rip lazy to do so make sure you compress the Rings and very gently slide in the cylinder you'll be able to tell a lie once you get the Rings compressed in a cylinder then you're going to push down line up the what the holes say so I forgot to put my wire up to push the cylinder all the way down on the dowel pins make sure it's not getting caught on anything all the way might have to tap it a little bit but get too crazy with it or else you'll damage possibly if something else you know this back to square one was it going down all the way take the back off the now it goes down on the way and we're going to install the one screw put some Loctite on that and from here on out other boats will be torqued to factory settings this phone I believe is 7.2 again for all manufacturers please mm make sure you don't force anything now we're going to install the gasket Amanda Wednesday I make sure your gas wood surface nice clean so that you get a better seal at this point you're going to want to install your other chain guide it'll lock right in the place don't know when it's in there now we're going to install the once again make sure you feed the cam chain through with the wire that's what you're doing like I have been along with both of the cam chain Guides Online those up with the dowel pins and not push down and secure it on make sure you're not getting caught on it possibly The Wire anything else installing the valve shims make sure good but I might want to check your valve clearance please do go so when you take it apart if you guys can use the same ones make sure you put on correctly up is up and down is down and each Jim goes in the same place these are just the buckets orianna support assembly Lube on same thing on the other side install shims along with the buckets assembly Lube on those cuz that is where the camshaft sit on top of me and in that little Ridge they're not Ridge to as well we are going to want to install your head bolts along with the we're going to put some anti seize on this boat sinks there getting into extreme temperatures and we don't want anything to us he's up in Threads and not be able to remove itself not too much and I'm just going to want to put these in loose for now get all four in same process rubbing anti-seize on all all for not just the inside to All For You don't put those in make sure you have the copper metal Crush washer attached to important you don't want to lose that drop it down in the case so be careful when installing is for both said you don't lose their Crush Washer and news as a sub for you going to install these very least just a couple times last boat a little bit and now we're going to tighten it now take care of Ratchet and tighten it in a crisscross pattern as I said pattern and we are not going to tighten one more than the other we're just going to get it smoke probably come around two or three times so they are all tight you really want to make sure you tighten use even me or else it could mess up the Seal of the gasket or something inside of the engine ever going to go back over again now we are going to torque wrench and torque to factory settings Kawasaki I believe it is maybe 60 lb 68 lb the homie that I can't remember but I know you can down best study manual service manuals online don't go out and buy a manual for $60 on eBay when they are for free and find somebody searching blah blah blah service manual do you use for your search engine tight you down in a crisscross pattern tightening one more than the other that story I had to improvise a little bit I don't really recommend doing this cuz you might make the top end down probably smarter thing to do after you're done working the four bolts it is time to install a camshaft you going to want to start by find some assembly registro camshaft set soil the Summer lyrics very well pretty sticky bicycle camshafts where they need to be while you set the and the Flintstone camshafts you're going to want to start with the exhaust side that's the one that's obviously closer to the exhaust and depending on your make and model make sure to line up the Chevy two dots on PING marks camshaft spin on this model I'll show you later when it's all done but it should be facing opposite of each other this Mark on this camshaft should be facing towards the exhaust side and camshaft coming in other Mark should be facing opposite of that opposite side later on model model sometimes they Point towards each other I want to make sure that it set at top dead center so when you do line up the dots the Marx Sutter and that's the timing will be as you can tell it takes a little practice lining lighting them up with the chain just be patient and you'll get it eventually after a couple tries but I asked her for part is making sure that this is a top dead center here is the photo I was talking about if you could tell on the left side here with the exhaust left the dead bread before I go until you can see there is a little. right above it Top Chef exhaust another. the the top-end case as it is and as you move over to the intake camshaft same thing just opposite but pointing away from each other but they're both parallel with each other and with the cylinder that's just for this model so you're going to want to check with manufacturer on this for how the camshaft should be should be at top dead center alethea Arbuckle place top dead center more assembly Lube on the camshafts before we install the clips and cam caps and next we are installing the dowel pins install the cam cap so helpful sometimes just using your nose is in a little easier sometimes now that the Dolphins are inserted we are going to take the tank top and put the retaining clip inside of the notch became cab and be careful 10 foot does not fall out but the next thing with the it's thick enough that it keeps that from moving around push that onto the dolphins making sure that the retaining clip drops into and seats into the camshaft Notch and gently passed down just to make sure that is all the way on the camshaft and and dowel pins we are installing damn finger tightly sound that silver does have TOs just to make sure I put every boat back in the same place just to avoid any problems that might happen if Bumble is longer than the other after moving lot to the exhaust side put some assembly Lube on to the cam cap antique Gaara retaining clip put it in the notch my poor cameraman skills. And mrs. But there is seats in there and does not do things to our leaks oil assembly lube and almost forgot to put the dowsing that would have been great needle-nose pliers really helped me out Last Tango Zoom house plan for the blasting cap with the retaining clip partying Adele pants and make sure that retaining clip seats into the camshaft if you see me pushing through Etsy now that it's all the way down and 410 chain camshafts did not move back and forth they are centered make sure all the way down now we can proceed to installing the four bolts and CN I install every bolt where one especially the silver Bolt it does need to go back where it came from cuz it is longer I am anti-seize down just with our fingers and Murrieta tightness down in a crisscross pattern added even the cut gets tight and what size not tighter than the other Stacy Venom so just tighten these Loosely down to Tight cuz we do have to torque these two factory-spec which is I believe thirtysomething or 16 I can't remember the homie that either you have to check with your service manual still tightening names down very slowly and here we are tightening working all 8 bolts once again to avoid tightening one side more than the other having a uneven Camp cap now it's stuck doggie cam chain on the kx250f me to take out the Centerville but in the take out the center bowl and slide in whatever that is cold but not fridge make sure to use Loctite and we're going to put in the two side bolts my endeavours moves you can see there you can see Titan is down of course the factories. you have to check in new service manual play let you down now we can install the tensioner respect by my hand that is selling the cam chain tensioner Andrea of course during the Titan Factory spec you can tell the cam chain is tight and there's on it we are going to need to apply a layer of silicone from that point down into the groove doesn't have to be even right now and backup the same place as the air Sinai this is heat for ATVs dirt bikes you can find it at Home Depot part store just as long as it is able to treat a high heat take your finger spread it evenly making a nice Cielo cancion Danny on camshafts or anything I would imagine that probably wouldn't be good and it wouldn't look too good either one of us very professional clean this up a bit fast forward to where it looks a little better HCI really spread out a little bit I probably took small just cleaning it up with my finger and wiping my finger on the paper towel just so make sure that it looks clean and professional I like to think I'm black boy from it time to install the edge cover head gasket whatever you want to call it and I you can Ricky reuse this gasket as long as it's not a domestic that's part of the reason why we put that stuff on there just give it an extra seal in front of camshafts now two gaskets where the head bolts go anti as I'm there now just anti valise and a hearty handle tightening down evenly I'm back with the T handle tightening me down even though not too tight and of course we're going to tighten he's down to factory settings and you can do this both process with the engines on the bike but well rebuild on my bike so I figured make it out but yeah I think this year but personal preference I guess we don't have all the time to rebuild it out of the engine and take it all out then stood inside the engine just be careful not to get any dirt or debris down in the case when you doing it but now time to install the spark plug that not down Coors factory settings in the one you install the that player at least 24 hours before you go ride if your engine is still in the in the frame that's it just a little bit we should try guys if you are installing spark plugs on PetSmart we're back on stop back into place now it's time to install the timing covers the covers of big government small cover screwdriver making sure it's not too tight you don't strip those out Sandlot that they won't fall out you have successfully your engine thanks guys for watching I hope you enjoyed like this video thumbs thumbs down, what you did like about it, what you didn't like about it and I know she will my camera angles you like that subscribe to me I have plenty more tutorials how to change tires linkages and some pool riding videos any ideas for making videos just comment or send me an email love to hear some comments but I think again

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